Ten Peaks

Connecting our youth, energy, climate, and the environment.

We are a not-for-profit with a mission to engage, inspire, and educate Alberta’s youth about energy, the environment, and our climate and how they can play an essential role in the future of our province.

Creating the innovators of tomorrow

There is a significant lack of information about innovation and sustainability efforts taking place in the energy sector, which impacts the career choices and job opportunities young people are making; and a lack of information about climate and what Albertans can do. We are bridging that knowledge gap, and inspiring our future innovators.

Ten Peaks will engage, educate and inspire learners through high-quality learning opportunities. From conferences to webinars and communities of practice, we will all find a deeper understanding of the relationships between energy, environment, and climate.

78% of young people believe it’s possible to have a strong economy in Alberta while protecting the environment, but they aren’t sure of the way forward.