Rviita’s humble beginnings began in the summer of 2017. Parked on the side of a dirt road in the middle of a forested area of western Alberta, founder Mitch Jacobsen had pulled over to rest. He had several more hours of driving to get home from his trip to the field as a water sustainability engineer, and nightfall was quickly approaching.

Already having consumed two energy drinks, Mitch was feeling the crash, the heartburn, and the exhaustion that eventually came from drinking these products. With several more hours to drive on dirt roads to get home, he wished he didn’t have to rely on these beverages to power him through the day.

But you can only drink so much coffee. And tea, well it just wasn’t enough.

Energy drinks are okay in moderation, but can they really be that good for you? Mitch, just years before watched his best friend suffer a heart attack, one that was partially attributed to too many energy drinks.

And then it dawned on him. Right there on that dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Why wasn’t there a more refreshing, natural, alternative to coffee? Something that packed as much punch but was more enjoyable to drink?


Using his nutrition background from competing in men’s physique, Mitch teamed up with Rob and Karly and began formulating a healthier, natural, coffee alternative that tastes amazing.

For months on end the team went through iteration after iteration of drink formulas, experimenting with all sorts of different ingredients. Most were a failure. For nearly two years they went back and forth before finally landing on the energy tea formula we are bringing to you.