Emissions Reduction Alberta

ERA was created in 2009 to help deliver on the province’s environmental and economic goals. ERA takes action on climate change and supports economic growth by investing in the pilot, demonstration and deployment of clean technology solutions that reduce GHGs, lower costs, attract investment, and create jobs in Alberta.


Reduce GHG emissions and grow Alberta’s economy by accelerating the development and adoption of innovative technology solutions.


Alberta has competitive industries that deliver sustainable environmental outcomes, attract investment, and are building a diversified, lower carbon economy.

Value Proposition

Our investments help innovators develop and demonstrate GHG-reducing technologies.These technologies will lower costs, improve competitiveness and accelerate Alberta’s transformation to a low carbon economy.

To achieve ERA’s vision and mandate, we will:

Accelerate Technology

Invest in GHG-reducing technologies that help Alberta grow existing industries and create new ones.

Drive Commercialization

Convene the resources required to accelerate the commercialization and wide spread adoption of technology solutions that lead to economic growth and GHG reductions in Alberta.

Maximize Impact

Maximize our impact through leveraged funding, communications, operational excellence, and by measuring and reporting on key performance metrics.

Achieving Alberta’s environmental, economic, and social sustainability goals is complex, requiring a broad set of expertise and range of perspectives. Integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion principles is important to ensuring ERA remains a strategically and operationally effective organization.

Equity – ERA will endeavour to ensure equity in access to funding opportunities and in attraction, development and retention of ERA staff.

Diversity – ERA will incorporate diverse perspectives and experiences into its decision-making processes to advance innovative technologies and solutions.

Inclusion – ERA will engage internal staff, service providers, and external stakeholders in a manner that allows them to fully contribute to achieving ERA’s objectives.