Guest Speaker

Thomas A Barr

CEO & Co-Founder
Thomas A Barr
is Participating:
Thomas A Barr

Thomas is driven by a deep-rooted desire to reshape the foundational elements of our existence—through our food, shelter, energy, and transportation systems. Throughout his career, he has championed innovative solutions that emphasize efficiency, economic viability, and sustainability, resulting in remarkable strides in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. By grounding decisions in both quantitative and qualitative data, Thomas focuses on pragmatic change, guiding the world towards a sustainable and resilient future.

Thomas's belief in circular processes and stacked functions has led to groundbreaking changes in energy utilization. His work, covering a vast array of systems including power generation, waste heat recovery, and building envelope optimization, has not only shifted market paradigms but has also positioned him as a sought-after expert in sustainability and innovation. As he sets his sights on emerging sectors like regenerative agriculture and precision cultivation, Thomas is on a mission to redefine our relationship with energy and to architect a lasting legacy for future generations.