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Jana McDonald

Jana McDonald
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Jana McDonald

Jana McDonald is the Corporate Development Officer at Obsidian Engineering and President of Guardyan Conservation. As a highly ambitious CEO, Jana is passionate about building incredible teams and creating incomparable resource and capital growth within the two sister companies which she owns and supports.

Guardyan Conservation is a women-owned, impact-driven company based in Calgary, Alberta. The team of environmental strategists is dedicated to simultaneously protecting the environment and clients by identifying the most profitable path toward emission reduction goals. Jana’s leadership has helped Guardyan Conservation become a leading provider of simple and effective ‘Emission Reduction Solutions & Carbon Credits Worth Taking Credit For’.

With Jana’s guidance, Guardyan Conservation helps companies assess their carbon footprint and provide the right carbon offsets, which are then implemented into projects and processes to reach net-zero operations. In her role as Corporate Development Officer at Obsidian Engineering, Jana also brings expertise to building and growing successful companies.

Jana’s expertise in corporate development has been invaluable to both companies. Her passion for creating innovative solutions and building strong teams has contributed significantly to both resource and capital growth. Jana’s leadership has established her as a respected and dynamic industry leader, dedicated to positively impacting the environment and the business community.