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Heidi Christensen

Director of Communications
Heidi Christensen
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Heidi Christensen

Heidi is a corporate communications and investor relations professional with more than 25 years of diverse experience. She has worked for some of Canada’s largest and most respected companies across a number of industries with the majority of her career focused heavily on advancing Canadian energy on the global stage.

Heidi currently leads corporate communications for Pathways Alliance, where Canada’s largest oil sands producers are working together to address climate change.Pathways’ six companies operate about 95% of Canada’s oil sands production and have set an ambitious goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions from oil sands production by 2050.

Heidi holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography and a Master of BusinessAdministration, both from the University of Calgary. During her studies, Heidi focused on sustainability with a special interest in how traditional ecological knowledge can work in tandem with the sustainable development of Canada’s oil and gas resources, and how sustainable business practices translate into shareholder value. 

Along withHeidi’s work in Canadian energy, she proudly sits on the board of directors for Katimavik, an organization whose mission is to develop diverse youth and to foster understanding, respect and reconciliation withIndigenous peoples along withCanada’s other diverse cultures, regions and the environment.

Heidi is most happy at home in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. She is a passionate downhill skier with a goal to find wintry conditions worldwide so she can ski all 12 months of the year. She is a proud mother of two sons and has loved watching their progression into adult life.