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Demian Newman

Demian Newman
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Demian Newman

In 2019 Demian founded GreenWorks ESG, a platform designed to increase transparency by making it easier for any size company to track, manage, and validate their true ESG impacts. GreenWorks ESG is built on the belief that ESG is the key to building real, tangle, quantitative substance into Sustainability reporting.


Over the past four years Demian has had the pleasure of lecturing at the UofC’s accredited ESG course in addition to numerous ESG seminars and workshops throughout North America. He’s also thrilled to have built a team which includes experts in both sustainability and technology. This was essential in truly understand the pain points Canadian business are experiencing with the increasing demands of ESG, and how technology can help at each stage of their ESG strategy.


The journey to V2.0 of GreenWorks ESG SaaS platform presented an array of learning experiences and challenges to find the perfect solution that would benefit companies of all sizes and sustainability budgets. Demian will walk through this journey on June 15th, and with the help of GreenWorks’ valued partners, he’ll also shine a lens into where ESG is going, and how technology is a must have with the growing complexity.